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Extraordinary People is a film about autism, community, and meaningful work

Extraordinary People
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Extraordinary People is a documentary film that tells the story of six adults across the autism spectrum, who, despite individual challenges, have found meaningful value and a deep sense of pride from their work at a business called Extraordinary Ventures. The film redefines expectations for employers and society alike, and shows the essential role a job plays for not just these six individuals, but for all adults.

autism documentary film about vinnie

VINNIE has worked at EV Laundry for more than six years, doing pick-up and deliveries with the aid of his job coach.  He also has his own yard maintenance business he calls "Weed Whacking Weasel."  He likes schedules and knowing what is expected of him. He enjoys outdoor activities and especially loves the beach and tubing.

autism documentary film about michael

MICHAEL is a hard worker who focuses on the tasks in front of him. He works in both Office Solutions and as a dog walker for EV Pets. He also helps out in bookkeeping and data entry. Michael plays the violin, volunteers in the community reading to preschool children, and holds a second job at a local bakery.

autism documentary film about amanda

AMANDA began at EV Laundry six years ago and has moved up steadily in the organization.  She was promoted to business supervisor where she trains and organizes other employees.  Her skills include patience and compassion for others, and a will to always do her very best.  She loves her cats and listening to Michael Jackson! 

autism documentary film about derek

DEREK has been with EV for more than 7 years.  He works detailing buses alongside the rest of his crew and is a big favorite with the town's bus maintenance team due to his positive personality.  Derek also works in EV Laundry, among other operations.  A very social guy, he loves swimming and being with his friends at EV's Friday night social. 

autism documentary film about ewan

EWAN, a super friendly, happy and talented young man, is responsible for the success of EV Gifts, especially the company's art and jewelry line. His passion for cooking led to the creation of a premium scented candle business. Ewan can be found in all parts of the company, including EV Pets.    

autism documentary film about natalie

NATALIE is a core employee in the Office Solutions business. One of EV's first employees, she was instrumental in the organization's growth from the beginning. She loves to follow schedules. Natalie bakes cookies for local charities and dog treats for the animal shelter.


"Based on comments and the size of the audience (almost 100) we achieved our goal.  This could not have happened without the film."



Directors, Writers, and Producers: Laura Hart McKinny and John McKinny Cinematographer: Sam Scott Additional Cinematography: Janice Arthur Editor: Sam Scott

Additional Editing: Tyler Hickman Sound Recordist: Tom Hauser Composer: Chris Heckman

Post Production Sound: Tom Hauser Additional Crew: Julian Tran, Hayley Vinson, Rachel Schattle Production Assistants: Daniel McKinny, David Petty

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